archivist by mads johansen & antonio scaffidi

Photographers Kristine Funch & Emilia Therese


The archivist is a classic shelf unit. It stores effectively and is also very flexible.

The design is clean and honest with focus on the connecting details between legs and shelves. The elements function underline the pragmatic origin of the archivist ´s design. Legs are made to handle vertical forces, since they carry the load, that fore they are cut from sheets of steel.

The shelves on the other hand are required to stay horizontally straight. Sandwich boards are fairly form-stable and allow for a long span of the shelf. The connection between legs and shelves are made with two bolts each corner.

These bolts are an important detail of the construction and by emphasizing them as part of the design they contribute to the archivist ´s story.


Dimensions: W: 1600mm x H: 1800mm x D: 380mm


Materials: Steel / sandwich board / oak wood


For us danish design is functional with a delicately simple approach to form and an honest use of materials and craftsmanship. It is very conscious about is origins, yet it seems to fit-in everywhere.



Antonio Scaffidi


Mads Johansen


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