The structure is designed so that the user can "grab" the chair towards seating, and allows support when leaving the chair.


The chair has references to several classic cabinetmakers chairs, not in material, but in the shape of the back, and the clear distinction of what is the supporting and the supported. This principle relies on the separation between the seat and back from the supporting frame. This visually gives the chair a lighter appearance and emphasizes the functions of the two parts.


Bille is the danish word for beetle.

Bille is also the name of my son.



A 16mm steel tube construction with upholstered seat and back.

The prototype is upholstered with "Steel Cut Trio" from Kvadrat.



For me/us danish design is: an old chair.

But it is also a generation of talented designers striving to define their own ground.

I believe that DDM is a great platform for young designers based on a Nordic heritage. The DDM exhibition allows us to show where we come from, but also shows where we are heading.


Download press material here

bille - jonas lyndby jensen

Photographers Kristine Funch & Emilia Therese