Bo (Villa and Tower) by jonas lyndby jensen

A storage furniture that has references to at house - a short plump

Villa or a slender high-rise Tower building.

The shape serves as a bookshelf, but may also be used as a dollhouse for children; or playfull adults!

The 'roof' can be used to displace books on as well and the bookshelf can be placed on the floor, up against the wall or hung on the wall.

Bo is a danish word for "to live". Not in the sense that "I am alive", but it is used regarding the way we live.

"At bo i et hus" - "To live in a house".

Bo is also the name of my brother.



Bo Villa: h730 x w960 x d350

Bo Tower: h930 x w670 x d350


Materials: Oil treated oak and soap treated ash, painted


For me danish design is an old chair.

But it is also a generation of talented designers striving to define their own ground.

I believe that DDM is a great platform for young designers based on a Nordic heritage. The DDM exhibition allows us to show where we come from, but also shows where we are heading.


Download press material here

Photographers Kristine Funch & Emilia Therese