clap clap chair by Nis Bruun & Maria bruun

Photographers Kristine Funch & Emilia Therese

clap clap chair

The ClapClapChair is created as a new interpretation of the Scandinavian design tradition. We have taken the best from the masters of the past and added a twist of humor and modern lifestyle.


ClapClapChair is a modern but timeless folding chair, with its chubby and humorous design language it does not take itself too seriously.Here the focus is on the functionality and carefully designed details.


Dimensions: 750 x450 x 400 mm


Materials: The chair is carried out in solid and laminated smoked oak.


To us Danish design is functionality, quality and an element of surprise.A good design builds and expands on the users expectations of quality and functionality. The surprising element stimulates reflection, growth and development. That small moment is where we as designers communicate directly with the users and create value.



Nis Bruun


Maria Bruun


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