‘Coffee n rest’

With the coffee table 'Coffee n rest', I invite you to break the old dogma and please put

your feet up.


The coffee table consists of a powder coated steel frame, where in there are two plates. It

is possible to turnover each plate, on the one hand, there is a traditional wooden table top

with a tray edge, on the other hand, there is a padded cushion. In this way it is possible to

choose if you want your feet up or your cup down, as it is a snap to turn the plate in the



Dimensions: Width 65 cm length 100 cm height 38 cm


Frame: Powder coated steel

Table Top: Oak / Wenge

Cushion: Wool


I believe design should come from within and be something personal, I do not follow much

of fashion and the various trends I'm more interested in my own ideas. But when I call the

design I'm making for Danish is it because I was raised with the Danish way of doing

things in all aspects of life.

For me, Danish design is, honest, but with humour. For me form must follow function and I

think that Danish design does this really well.



Thomas Albertsen




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‘Coffee n rest’ by thomas albertsen

Photographers Kristine Funch & Emilia Therese