‘endless tablecloth’

The idea of the Endless Tablecloth is that you can create the appearance of your own

tablecloth from a number of different pieces, each measuring 1x1,5 meter.

These pieces fit together no matter how you combine them and the length of the tablecloth can be everything from 2 meters to theoretically endless. The tablecloths will then be individually woven.

The design is hand drawn by evalou.


Dimensions: 2 rolls of textiles, each measuring 150x800cm


Materials: 100% black and white cotton


For me Danish Design is a long and great tradition of “making love to materials”.

That means understanding the pure essence of wood, cloth and metal almost like a scientist. And then later applying it to shape and space in a very passionate way almost like an artist. That is Danish Design for me!




www.evalou.dk and .com


Thanks to: FATEBA


Download press material here

endless tablecloth by evalou Hauge

Photographers Kristine Funch & Emilia Therese