still life detached by evalou hauge

Photographers Kristine Funch & Emilia Therese

evalou hauge

How can we keep the textile production in Scandinavia?


In this project I have tried to reproduce the same pattern on two different machines in Sweden and Denmark, a digital jacquard loom and a digital printer.

Today there is not nearly as much textile production left in Scandinavia as there used to be,

mainly because of the cost of labour. My hope is that the high-tech machines, with little need of manual labour, can help us keep both the design process and the production in Scandinavia.


In this collection the same pattern comes out in black/white or colour, thin or thick, printed or woven, -very different outputs from the same input. The flowers depicted

are flowers from where I live now and from the garden where I grew up in Denmark.





Evalou Hauge

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