frame mirror by Johansen Faurschou

Photographers Kristine Funch & Emilia Therese

‘frame mirror’

Frame Mirror makes reference to the classic barber mirror.

The small tray shelf ads a function to the mirror and the mirror ads a dimention to the itemsyou display on the shelf.

Edge and personality is added to the product’s clear and simple form through the choice of

materials and minimal detailing.

For example is the edges on Frame Mirror slim and made of solid wood.


Dimensions: 33x34 cm (wall hung mirror)


Materials: Mirror glass, oak, teak, MDF


For us Danish design is products with a long-lasting expression through a precise and

effortless style.

Design that has a modernistic and clearly readable appearance, where superfluous details

are cut away and the function itself is in focus.



Johansen Faurschou


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