stas by rikke frost




I believe that materials and their combination provides a tactile

experience and is visibly and functionally unique.


Made here

Together with Danish Design makers and the Exhibition

“Made Here” and through exposure of our design and craftsmanship, I want to contribute to the preservation of our skills and production

techniques in Denmark.



Compressed wood was invented in Denmark and the strings and trimmings are made by the last producer of these in Denmark.

I wanted to rediscover and interpret these two lesser-known techniques.



In my research on steam bent elements I came across snowshoes, that were invented as far back as 4000 BC in Central Asia. With snowshoes, indigenous people have been able to expand their territory and occupy the northern hemisphere.

A crucial and fascinating invention that gave me the inspiration to

work with the combination of strings and bent wood,

as well as work with a series of furniture that is mobile and usable in many environments.



I have based my 5 designs on one shape to make the design production-friendly. The simplicity of the design and the few elements it consists of makes it possible to produce locally with the craft and

knowledge we cherish in Scandinavia.


STAS In - Side table

STAS Over - Floor lamp

STAS Around - High-back chair

STAS On - High stool

STAS Up - Mirror



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Photographers Kristine Funch & Emilia Therese



Rikke Frost

Phone: +4520660266