gravity by gudmundur ludvik gretarsson

Photographers Kristine Funch & Emilia Therese


‘Gravity’ is loosing your footing for a while, confident you always end up with both feet on the ground.


Growing up, I remember being afraid of making a fool of myself, hesitating to ask questions when I was wondering, and trying not to expose my childish inexperience and ignorance.

Still my curiosity drove my nose and hands into all kinds of matters.


Pursuing opportunities within crafts, art and design, I found my personal playground.

This combination poses my platform for research and experiments when developing new products.


Life has taught me that failure is an essential ingredient in every evolution.

Exploring physical limits and, yes, making mistakes and learning in the process of doing so, is what drives me as a designer today.


‘Gravity’ is an output of such a process of trial and error. I wish to challenge the conventional idea of a height adjustable table, creating a user friendly and flexible solution that can be easily manipulated.



H: 720/1120 mm W: 1600 mm D: 800 mm



Gudmundur Ludvik Gretarsson



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