"The machine is a tool when working with my product, not an imprint on the product"


This small furniture piece can both be used as a stool and as a side table. The small collar profile gives a direction on the round

form - as a tabletop it holds items towards the sofa or bedside.

As a seat the collar indicates where to sit, a reminiscence of an tractor seat og milking stool.


This disc shaped form (table/seat) has been crafted by using a CNC

milling machine. CNC made wood enables you to make a 3D form with a tight precision of contour and lines. If treated properly afterwards the end product does not seem machinemade.


Like other good cabinetmakers furnitures it is a must to make products with a hardware precision, though still remaining true

to a craftsman expert skills and touch.




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water lily by jonas lyndby jensen



Jonas Lyndby Jensen



Phono: +45 28125099




Photographers Kristine Funch & Emilia Therese