kin by antonio scaffidi

My story is one about my perception of chairs. I have developed a great interest in sitting furniture. Especially chairs manage to capture my attention in an exciting process of assessments on form, ergonomics,

statics and material use. Chairs can be regarded as function related sculptures. Their assigned task is to carry a human body - as pleasant as possible. Their innatecapacity is the inevitable effect chairs have on their environment.


When few parts are put together and they perform as one in order to function, to me an idea becomes very clear in an object.

The KIN Chair assembles a bearing structure made from aluminium and a borne membrane, which is entirely textile based. These two elements are very different, but at the same time highly related to each other - KIN.




H: 780 mm W: 580 mm D: 550 mm



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Photographers Kristine Funch & Emilia Therese


Antonio Scaffidi

+45 27284605