kinked chair

Assumption: A common problem for many seat shells is the combination of a smooth surface and a 3 dimensional shape in between seat and back-rest.

Effectively, the user often slides out of the seat shell. The “Kinked-Chair” embodies a wooden chair that has been moulded extremely.

The idea for this design concept is to improve on the 3D geometry of a shell in a way, that will support the user in the intended sitting position, without compromising the advantages of a three dimensional seat shell. Kinked is curved, strong thus thin.

The wooden shell clearly defines its contact surface as well as the adjacent structural surfaces. Within this interaction contours appear and light renders the shape. The seat shell is regarded to be the carried element, and allows for combination with runner legs or a centre column.


Material: 3D veneer, oak wood


Dimensions: w,d,h 540mm x 570mm x 750mm


For me danish design is functional with a delicately simple approach to form and an honest use of materials and craftsmanship. It is very conscious about is origins, yet it seems to fit-in everywhere.



Antonio Scaffidi


Download press material here

kinked chair by antonio scaffidi

Photographers Kristine Funch & Emilia Therese