‘Volume’ is made from two pieces of perforated steel sheets, which are pressed in shape creating a strong and curved seating held together by the simple meeting of the tubular steel legs.

The appearance of ‘Volume’ is both solid and see-through
showing the unique qualities of steel, which is strong yet flexible at the same time.

The perforated sheet material enables an honest and detailed design in a soft curved shape creating a comfortable and fully recyclable chair. Steel is a modern material that outperforms all other materials
when it comes to strength, durability vs. availability and costs – it is a material which through history has proven to be a key player in creating innovation and new technology, from the industrial world of the Eiffel Tower to the ancient Chinese weaponry.


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volume by jonas edvard & nikolaj steenfatt




Jonas Edvard


Phone: +45 29845273

Nikolaj Steenfatt


Phone: + 45 60159940




Photographers Kristine Funch & Emilia Therese