There is no progress within the comfort of what we know.

On first sight one might look at something very familiar, but there
is more to it. To think extremely in an everyday object requires revision and questioning of every single part.

To aim beyond the necessary to achieve marginal
gains. Maybe because we know there is a proven way to produce an object, we stretch rational boundaries to explore where it could lead to. The process becomes irrational, but the result might be

‘The Monoframe’ is about the process of rethinking a chair´s structure. A hollow carbon fibre frame with a material
thickness of just above 1mm and fibres meticulously arranged to achieve optimum strength — like a muscle.

By doing so, the fibres define the figure of the chair.

‘The Monoframe’, a series of graceful, curving
motions — extremely sinuous!


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the monoframe by antonio scaffidi


Antonio Scaffidi

+45 27 28 46 05

Photographers Kristine Funch & Emilia Therese