My object is a Jacquard pre-digital knitted BEDROOM RUG, carefully made for your naked feet in the morning, while transitioning between sleep and awake.
The rug is a hybrid made with a NEW KNIT tech that is currently popular in the high performance fashion and sneaker scene.
Car seats, construction of houses, the sneaker industry and packaging brands all use knit tech to create flexible materials.
I like how the industries are twisting the old textile techniques and merging them with innovative fibres. I have been working, making and building textiles for ten years with 1984 pre-digital knitting machinery.
It’s a really amazing German tool made to last forever.

Once it was a High Tech tool for fashion.

Now it’s more like a fun Vintage Tech object.


My wish is to expand into the scene of contemporary digital textile machinery and create beautiful, innovative magic.


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Signe Emdal

+45 61 65 09 25


Photographers Kristine Funch & Emilia Therese

EXTREMELY new knit