A rectangular prism is split into two pieces by a circular line: the bottom as the base part and the top as the head, containing the light source. A table lamp with a basic geometric shape. Yet it has two different states: When closed it is grounded, secure and steady. In the other state it holds a critical position, where the top part is balancing on the edge, on the verge of falling down.


When I design objects I am seeking for the tension between a few basic elements only. I find a poetic expression in how they act together, how they shape one another and how they multiply in each
other’s element. For me these objects symbolise the delicate dance and tension that different objects create at home.

A balanced choreography is about harmony intruded by disruptive elements — keeping it alive. Balanced. Extremely.

Material: Stone; Metal, Electronic parts.


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Dancing by nino gülker

Photographers Kristine Funch & Emilia Therese

EXTREMELY balanced