This cupboard has many stories.

The main story is about Christianshavn, a small area of Copenhagen, that I recently moved to.

This part of the city is special for many reasons. It includes people from many different social layers, from the lowest one to the top, but together they have a special love for Christianshavn.

This area is also known for its old conserved architecture, from different times, that got mixed up with the modern one.

This special cosy atmosphere, the contrast in the architecture and the contrast between the social layers of people living there was
both the starting point and inspiration for my cupboard.

The other story is about me, and the extreme.

Extreme for me is to not use textile in my furniture design, as I never tried this before. This ended up in using all other materials possible... and the challenge to match the right colours and structures,

which reflect and represent the people and the façades on the streets of Christianshavn.


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christianshavner skabet by ellinor ericsson




Ellinor Ericsson

+46 733 54 61 43


Photographers Kristine Funch & Emilia Therese

EXTREMELY narrative