From one extreme to the other. I have always been fascinated by products with a built-in capacity to change shape.
A folding chair needs to stretch from one state adapted to the body into another optimized for storage.

At all times it must function aesthetically and ergonomically
and the transformation should take place smoothly and seamlessly. Balancing requirements of the two states is the
main challenge of creating a folding chair; however it often results in more or less successful compromises.

With this particular type of construction and choice of materials I have made it possible to optimise both states, without compromising the other.

The textile adapts and becomes flat when stored. Unfolded it becomes voluminous and offers perfect ergonomic support.


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skinn chair by gudmundur ludvik


Gudmundur Ludvik

+45 26 27 74 72

Photographers Kristine Funch & Emilia Therese

EXTREMELY adaptive