miX-chair, miX- shelf by Mjuka - Franziska Cadmus & Annika Steven

Our design „miX chair“ is an oversize lounge-chair, that gives a cosy alternative to a couch.

The construction of the crossed legs is out of pinewood and gets combined with a shell covered in wool fabric.

The topic of crosses gets translated in the different fabrics and layers of the chair. The second design is the hanging “miX shelf “, which is as well working with the element of crosses.

The pattern in the shelf combines the stabilising function of the crosses with the aesthetics of a pattern.



miX- chair: length: 110 cm - width: 710 cm - hight: 112 cm

miX- shelf: length: 105 cm - width: 65 cm - hight: 230 cm



miX-chair: pinewood, wool fabric

miX-shelf: pinewood, cotton fabric


For us danish design is an honest way of design, that shows what it is through its function and materials. It’s a clean and somehow light way of design, that lives through quality and natural materials.

The way of design is subtle but convincing in the details. Its all about the love to your design!


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Photographers Kristine Funch & Emilia Therese


Franziska Cadmus



Annika Steven