Tjard by mjuka

Photographers Kristine Funch & Emilia Therese


Traditional products or items only unfold their full sense if produced at the place of the tradition. For our product of the „ made here“ collection we decided to set the starting point at typical northern german traditions- the oyster fishing and drinking of tea.

Out of this inspiration we designed a shelf out of oak which gets held by messing tubes that shine through in the details like the permute in the oysters.
The teacups that are designed in cooperation with the ceramist Theis Lorentzen are glazed in color shades of oysters. The cups and their exposed place on the shelf put the tradition of drinking tea back into the focus of everyday life.

The traditions that were the inspiration for the shelf and the cups combined with the craftsmanship in which they are produced tell a new poetic story, which hopefully makes it strong enough to get locally produced „ made here“ also in the future.








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