paper table by Christian troels & jonas birkebæk

Photographers Kristine Funch & Emilia Therese

‘paper table’

The main inspiration for The Paper Dining Table was found in traditional paper folding. We call it sheet metal origami, and the main concept is to fold thin sheet metal plates into strong and distinctive shapes. With the contrast between the light sheet metal legs combined with the dark oak table top, we have tried to create a “story” that is both traditional and modern at the same time.   


Dimensions: W: 100 x D: 200 x H: 74


Materials: Table top is made of solid oak and the legs are made of powder coated sheet metal.


Danish design is of course great attention to detail and beautiful combinations on materials and craftsmanship. Danish designers throughout time have always been able to keep up with time, continuing to challenge new materials and production methods. But maybe the most important task for danish designers today is to continue to tell new stories through innovative products in all price ranges. It is important that we constantly challenge peoples minds about what danish design is and letting them decide for themselves.   



Jonas Birkebæk


Christian Troels


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