repetitio by thomas albertsen

Photographers Kristine Funch & Emilia Therese


Repeat a shape, and thereby create a new shape. It's the simple idea behind the chair


Seat and backrest consists of five identical slats spaced about a slightly bent steel pipe,

which forms a small part of a circle. The slats are mounted on a conventional steel frame

by leading the frame through each slat.


'Repetitio' has a subtle sculptural expression. It represents a simple and stylish piece of

furniture that upon closer examination clearly explains the concept.


Dimensions: Width 45 cm length 45 cm height 85 cm


Frame: Untreated steel

Slats: Painted wood


I believe design should come from within and be something personal, I do not follow much

of fashion and the various trends I'm more interested in my own ideas. But when I call the

design I'm making for Danish is it because I was raised with the Danish way of doing

things in all aspects of life.

For me, Danish design is, honest, but with humour. For me form must follow function and I

think that Danish design does this really weel.



Thomas Albertsen


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