the gentleman chair by antonio scaffidi

Photographers Kristine Funch & Emilia Therese

antonio scaffidi

The Gentleman Chair

...a story by a tailor and the woodsmith.


A chair is a precious object.

Something we interact with. Something we like - or don ́t.

It carries us and we trust it to do so.

It influences our space. A chair reflects who we are. Chairs are part of our culture.

We make them, we respect the material, we know how to work it and we take good care of

all the details. It is in our hands. We gain nothing by letting go of this!


The Gentleman Chair is deeply rooted in this philosophy. It presents itself with a light and

circumscribing figure of oak wood and a sophisticated, hand stitched, leather back

piece. A Gentlemen Chair is always around to be

supportive. Light and pure or comforting dressed to provide closure and cosiness, when days get short and nights are long. The seasonal change is also a part of our culture.


Designer: Antonio Scaffidi

Assistent: Manuel Hallermeier




Antonio Scaffidi



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