tabula slender by antonio scaffidi

Photographers Kristine Funch & Emilia Therese

‘tabula slender’

“Tabula Slender” is a table with a slender expression and a continuously flowing contour along its edges. Legs and table top are arranged to visually unify these elements as one. The strict distribution of the four table legs at the outer corners emphasizes the span and lightness of the construction. This also underlines the pragmatic functionality of the design - no space is wasted. All corners are rounded softly.


Dimensions: L: 1750mm x W: 900mm x D: 740mm


Materials: oak wood / sandwich board / HI-MACS


For me danish design is functional with a delicately simple approach to form and an honest use of materials and craftsmanship. It is very conscious about is origins, yet it seems to fit-in everywhere.



Antonio Scaffidi


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